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Michelle is a freelance writer and musician tackling subjects related to personal finance, education, creativity, and music.  You can view a collection of her guest posts here.

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Booking Music:

Michelle and Adam's musical work has been featured in many magazines and newspapers throughout the Midwest. Feel free to browse this site and contact them directly with any questions about gigs or history-themed songs written for museums, films, etc.

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Savvy History is a band and blog started by a Midwestern couple. The project focuses on the financial lives of creative people throughout history, distilling research into songs and timely articles about inventors, artists, authors, and explorers. Michelle specializes in taking true stories from the past – full of depravity, folly, and vice – and presenting them as music. Adam adds bass guitar and also acts as a sound engineer.

In addition, Michelle has formally and informally studied the creative process along with the mental health needs of individuals with high potential. Needless to say, she is excited about the under-explored connection creative psychology has to small-business ownership. She ties it all back to history on her blog with a series titled "First Creative Dollar."

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