How does creativity relate to business?

Come explore this question with written articles, interviews, and folk music. From quirky historical characters in well-crafted concept albums to researching the financial lives of past creative people, this site ties together the unexpected.

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Savvy History is About Creative Psychology

After years of being a full-time musician, Michelle gravitated back towards teaching in her mid-twenties and obtained a master’s degree with a focus on creativity and education.  She has formally and informally studied the creative process, the theory of positive disintegration, the role of systemizing versus empathizing, mental health struggles among individuals with high potential, and bibliotherapy. 

Savvy History is About Business History

Michelle researches the financial lives of historical people. She offers a regular blog series titled “First Creative Dollar” – discussing the early earnings of many brilliant thinkers throughout time. In addition, she interviews modern creatives she admires and offers freelance writing services in the area of corporate history, business psychology, and personal finance.

Savvy History is About Folk Music

Michelle writes folk-rock songs based on true characters from history.  After recording numerous psychology-based albums, she started this blog to document where she went right in the past, where she went wrong, and the day to day process of making her new niche music. She is open to writing history-themed songs for museums, noble brands, and films.

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