Small Moments That Sum Up a Lot: That Time… (A New Series)

I am pleased with a few series coming into shape on the blog. Two of them are set up as interviews (Creativity at Work Interviews and First Creative Dollar Interviews). I’ve certainly learned a lot conducting these. Some great future interviews are in the works.

The other series (simply titled First Creative Dollar) tackles the financial lives of epic creative people throughout history. This is an idea I am willing to run with for a long time. I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a centerpiece on the blog.

I love the research involved in historical digging. I’ve discovered many people who are long gone but have business and financial lessons to share (check out the first story about Louisa May Alcott here). 

Research Takes Time!

In order to keep the blog going at one post per week and still survive the busy onslaught of projects (upstairs remodel, anyone?) and life changes (we’ll get there!), I was brainstorming a way to balance the heavy laden research posts with quicker bursts of writing.

(I also split off a list of potential titles and half finished projects that should be “pitched” to other blogs/magazines and left off this blog. They are topics I enjoy but don't match with the feel coming into being here.) 

We’ll see! Before I get my long-game pitching action on, I thought I’d introduce you to quick quips meant to percolate this space and keep it thriving.

This additional series will feature short stories from my past

That Time…

...My Husband Wanted to Live in a Greenhouse

...My Aunt Thought I Was Friends With Woody Guthrie

...A Man Called Me a Sellout Because I Quit a Show on Time

...A Business Man Screamed at Me on the Phone During a Negotiation

...I Went to Scout a Foreclosed Building and a Man Showed Me Bottles of Pee

...I Had a Troll With a Ronald McDonald Logo

...I Wouldn’t Buy Bottled Water After Buying a Refurbished Car

...I Missed a Year of School and They Gave Me a Psychology Credit

...A Makeup Artist Cut Off All My Hair

...I Had a Job Interview and Had a Baby the Next Day

And many more!

Practicing the Art of Short Stories

These will be short stories. I don't plan to overthink them. I’ll try to keep them around 500-1000 words (most of my posts have been averaging 2,000 words)! 

As said in the title, sometimes small moments in life can sum up a lot. 

Most of these stories will be about leading a creative life as an entrepreneurial woman in the 21st century. I’ll touch on being a musician, homeowner, wife, and mother (among other things). 

These posts will also include past moments from my upbringing, stories from the road, feminist issues, personal problems, and downright awkward circumstances even I’m amazed I survived.

I hope adding this series to the blog will be a way to balance researching other people with quick journal writing to let viewers know a little about me.

What do you think about this approach? Do you think I risk attracting two different audiences?

Do you like to know who is “behind the research” or would you rather just hear the research?



4 Replies to “Small Moments That Sum Up a Lot: That Time… (A New Series)”

  1. Awesome and I love the approach. Mine has been similar over the past 9 months as well. Personally, I truly enjoy reading “story-based” blog articles from folks I follow and all the above “teaser headers” sound great. Bring it on!

    P.S. – we all still enjoy the research-heavy articles so keep those coming as well!

    1. Glad to hear it. Thanks for the encouragement! It takes courage to tell personal stories, but when people do it well it’s pretty enlightening – just as much as facts.

      I like the idea of mixing it up in order to keep the blog going.

  2. I love this idea! Been reading your articles for sometime now and always interested to learn more about the bloggers I read.

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