Non-Trendy Comfort Objects For When Life Gets Stressful

Physical objects have been used to represent our abstract thoughts and drives since the dawning of human consciousness. When we think of complex human cultures who’ve left a dent in history, it’s hard not to think of the objects they left behind associated with their beliefs. 

While many people who prize frugality and minimalism are non-materialistic in a consumerist sense, it’s still hard to bypass the drives of our younger years (think security blankets) and our ancient brains’ urge to cling to… objects.

Especially in times of stress, strife, and anxiety.

Non-Trendy Comfort Objects During COVID 

A while back, a writer I admire named Melanie Lockhart wrote a great article at Hello Giggles about creating a “Feel Good List.”

Some people turn to candles. Others to jewelry. Others turn to their pets. 

I have personally enjoyed dusty books.

Great Grandma Rules!

My great grandmother's vintage books have been a large source of nostalgia, calm, and fascination during periodic times of lockdown in the house. She was well known in the area during the 1800s for hosting Friday night parties where she read to illiterate farmers. And now I have her books! Robert Louis Stevenson collections, Czech poetry, Edgar Allen Poe first editions, etc.

While I have been combing through my bookshelves for books to sell (mostly old college textbooks) to raise start-up money for my recordings, I have explored great-grandma’s gems in more detail. While some are worth a lot, I will never sell them.

My favorite books of hers from the late 1800s involve the Chicago World's Fair. Also, the old school textbooks are interesting and laughable at times.

Since I’ve been pregnant or in postpartum throughout most of COVID , it has been a nice "in-house journey" to peruse these books and connect with my ancestry. Our child's middle name is connected to great grandma's name to commemorate this time.

How about you? What objects bring you comfort or a sense of calm in a chaotic world?


6 Replies to “Non-Trendy Comfort Objects For When Life Gets Stressful”

  1. Very cool! For me, it’s my vinyl collection. I’m now in a place where it’s easily accessible. Not only is it nice to listen to the music but, for me, each record has a story attached to it and, with that story, are additional memories. So sometimes it’s just fun to listen to the tunes and remember great moments.

    P.S. If you’re ever tempted to part with that 1st edition Poe, please hit me up!

    1. I think it’s interesting how items come with so many stories. When it comes to inherited, used, or gifted items, there’s the stories you have in addition to the ones you may never know. I think of this when I think of my parents old vinyl collection that I have some records from.

    1. Sounds awesome! Music is certainly a go-to for me, but most of it is in digital format now, and it definitely lacks something. I hope to get more into vinyl as my “cool idealized self” evolves.

    1. Sounds like a pretty precious item to you! I like hearing about people’s quirky attachments to physical items.

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