First Creative Dollar Interview: Good Nelly

Hello readers! I like the idea of offering you interviews at least once a month on a Sunday.

Recently, Good Nelly contacted me and was interested in sharing her story. As someone who writes and gets paid for it, there is certainly something to learn from her.

I read over some other work she did previously on Recovering Women Wealth and appreciated her take on personal growth and creativity with finances.

I hope you enjoy the interview below while gaining a little insight into her writing business/career.

Take it Away Nelly!

I am Nelly Brown, popularly known as Good Nelly in the online community. I write articles on personal finance and try to encourage my readers to manage their finances effectively.

I participate in personal finance online forums and help people solve their debt problems.

Apart from writing on personal financial matters, I love traveling. About 4 years back, I started my blog My Way of Viewing where I talk about other things, like cooking, organizing my home, etc.

Can you share the story of the first time you made money with a creative endeavor?

I started commenting on DebtCC Forums before I became a full time writer for DebtConsolidationCare.

To be honest, when I started earning from this creativity, I had just solved my own debt problems. What happened was, at one point, I was struggling to repay my credit card debt.

Yes! You’ve heard it correctly. The primary reason behind my debt problem was that I didn’t pay much heed to repay my credit card balance in full. It wasn’t that I was facing tremendous financial hardship, but I did some reckless spending and didn't bother to clear my bills at every billing cycle.

The result was huge debt due to interest accumulation over time. At that time, I came across DebtCC Forum and the forum members helped me a lot. So, after getting out of debt, it was out of love and curiosity that I decided to take it as a part-time earning opportunity.

Do you mind sharing how much you made?

You somehow remember your first paycheck! Also you remember how much you earned from your hobby, a side job or some work you did with passion.

I earned about $32 from the DebtCC Forums and was delighted. It’s a different feeling when you advise people since you’ve experienced the same thing. Who would know it better than a person who has solved her own credit card problems?

What happened internally when you realized you could make money from your creativity?

It is indeed a different feeling when you come to know that there’s something within you that can help you earn money. Before getting the first paycheck other than my regular job, little did I know that personal finance knowledge could help me earn money on the side. Also, I felt good I was also able to help someone.

I write for other websites too.

A few years back, I also started my blog where I share my other thoughts like how you can organize your home, balance your professional and personal life, even cooking tips.

Were you inspired? Were you concerned about what it would do to the originality of your ideas?

I got inspired when I saw that I could help people solve their financial issues and debt problems. It gives a different feeling when you can help someone and earn at the same time.

I was never concerned about what it would do to the originality of the ideas since the forum is an open platform where people can become members and share their views. Your views remain your own.

Did you ever decide to pursue the creative activity full-time? Why or why not?

As I have mentioned, my creative endeavor has become my full time profession now. By participating in the DebtCC forums, I earn points, and in turn, dollars. I also write articles for DebtCC.

A few years ago, I started my own blog My Way of Viewing (mentioned at the top). As the name suggest, it’s all about my views on the personal finance world. My articles revolve on personal finance issues, current affairs on personal finance, etc. I have a larger plan with my blog in future. I want to be nominated for the Plutus Award in the category of The Best Personal Finance Blog for Women.

I’m trying my best, let’s see when my dream comes true. It is always enjoyable when you can make your creative endeavor your full time profession. I have been participating in the DebtCC Forums since 2007. Happy to remember that I have been associated with them for more than 12 years now!