Etsy Printables Brainstorm: What You Know Plus What People Need

When brainstorming about creating something, it's a good idea to think about whether or not you would want it or need it. Before conducting my “Etsy printables brainstorm,” I want to do a quick trek through the past. 

  • Where I was lacking in organization as a musician, recording artist, and guitar teacher?
  • Where am I lacking in organization now with my journaling/notes and as a teacher?
  • How do I get the concept of bibliotherapy out there using printables?

Hopefully the below reflection will help me dream up some useful printable organizers to offer others. 

Why Give Things a Try?

I listened to music for years before I finally decided to create my own music. It fulfilled a need for me. While other people could express my feelings and emotions fairly well, it wasn’t a job I wanted to leave up to anyone else anymore. So I started playing guitar.

At this point in my life, I love reading more than ever. It is literally my favorite thing to do by myself. Therefore, someday I hope to create a book, but I know right now isn’t the right time. So I’ll just keep collecting ideas and learning about online creation.

When I can’t read (because I’m doing my other favorite thing - taking walks), I listen to podcasts. It’s not hard to guess that listening to enough podcasts makes me wonder if I could someday create my own podcast. 

And learning? I’m always striving for it, so I like to teach.

Watch. Listen. Enjoy. Try.

I’m sure this cycle is common for a lot of people!

What’s Etsy Got to Do With This?

I’m not sure what finally triggered my interest in online shops, but I’ve recently enjoyed the vision of owning an online business of some kind. 

Mostly, I want to raise money on the side for making an album. I don't want to dip into the money from our careers.

The last album cost around $2,500 to make.

I want to raise enough that I don’t fear doing paid promotion online (aka - learning the ads game). Therefore, this album could cost far more than the last one if done right. At this time, I’m not comfortable with a Kickstarter or Patreon approach.

Although I love to write, I’m not sure freelancing is the answer either. There’s little way to convert it into passive income eventually (if I start recording the songs and switching my free time over to music). 

Enter Printables?

Printables appeal to me because I can get into the market for next to nothing, and there’s plenty of information out there about it. With little overhead (other than my time), I can see if I like owning an online shop that could later turn into a merch store. 

I struggled with promoting my music, but maybe with an online shop I can learn more about keywords and creating unique things that don’t feel as “close to me.” And if they are objectively useful for others? I doubt I will fear promoting them as much.

Printables Brainstorm!

Here are a few organizers I could have used over the years. I hope to have two to three items up in the shop before the baby comes!

-Guitar lesson payment slips

-Guitar lesson organizers

-Basic guitar chords to hand out on card-stock along with corresponding 3 to 4 chord songs

-Set list organizers

-Song writing mind maps

-A journal organized specifically for songwriting and phrase collecting

-Merch inventory checklist (for each show and overall)

-Email sign-up for live performance

-First Creative Dollar Workbook for Kids

-First Creative Dollar Workbook for Adults

-First Creative Dollar insert for a frame (like in the Linda Sue Park story)

-How to Build a Bed PDF

-Finalizing a Blogpost Checklist

-Bookmarks with historical images and author quotes/historical giants

-Note collecting bookmarks to write on (for library books you can’t highlight in)

- A "books to read" list maker

-Bibliotherapy question stems for nonfiction

-Bibliotherapy question stems for fiction

-Bibliotherapy activity booklets for reading biographies

-Bibliotherapy bookmarks:

Obviously, I need to work on naming the printables for keyword optimization. The descriptions will take some time to maximize as well.

Talking about this with my husband, he probably has the most valuable ideas with DIY checklists and solutions for raising plants, woodworking, home repair, and home organization. I don’t think he’d set up a separate shop. I’d probably just do the graphic design for his PDF ideas and add them (if I’m enjoying this).

What do you think? Should we just aim for baby shower and wedding shower printables instead (ha ha… we’d be terrible at that).

Do you know anything about digital products for creatives organizing their lives and business?

Do you think musicians, guitar teachers, writers, and people obsessed with books could find value in these printables if I actually carry this out?


4 Replies to “Etsy Printables Brainstorm: What You Know Plus What People Need”

  1. You’ve got some good ideas there, I definitely would not get into the baby shower thing or anything related to weddings. Being someone that does print on demand myself, I can tell you they are ultra competitive, and you’ll spend all day looking for clipart of flowers!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Dave! My motivation to do anything beyond exactly what I enjoy has waned significantly, and looking at generic clipart is not on the list. Not sure where I or my ideas belong yet, but brainstorming is kind of fun.

  2. Wow! That’s quite the list with a lot of great ideas. Perhaps start with the Top 5 of the music and book categories and go from there? Definitely the bookmarks, for sure. I also like the merch inventory checklist since it was always my bane and was generally done haphazardly at the performances which meant triple the work afterwards. Anyway, can’t wait to see many of these item for sale soon!

    1. Great insights Mr. Fate. Glad to hear the merch inventory checklist could be handy when performances start up again. I think the bookmarks could take some work to get right but I know I would want them! That’s what this post is all about – creating what you want to see out in the world.

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