Creativity Coaching

Meet one on one for personalized private lessons deepening your understanding of the creative process, creative psychology, critical thinking, perfectionism, and struggles facing all cutting-edge innovators. Find accountability mixed with powerful insights. 

Is creativity coaching for me?

Creativity coaching is ideal for ambitious people navigating hard choices and weighty decisions on their creative path. These private sessions are driven by you and your needs. The potential direction we can take is limitless, yet I will provide structure. You can come with prepared material to show and discuss, or I can work with you to create individual goals and more awareness around your entire creative practice.

I can accommodate people getting started on their creative journey or help people with a long history in a certain discipline seeking to understand the creative process better. 

We'll Address Three Key Areas:

  • Befriending Your Creative Potential

  • Taking Action Using Research-Backed Strategies

  • Realistic Plans For Continuous Learning

1. Befriending Yourself and Your Creative Potential

Did you know there are numerous helpful theories for artistic people in the discipline of creative psychology? This portion of our coaching was put together in an effort to help creative people like you understand themselves better, make use of their strengths, decipher their multipotentiality, and refine their unique vision.

Topics covered include:

  • High sensitivity 
  • The systemizing and empathizing continuum of the brain
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy 
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs 
  • The Theory of Positive Disintegration 
  • AND OF COURSE: A long-range view of creativity referencing historical inventions and biographies 

All of these and more will be connected back to your specific situation.

2. Taking Action Using Research-Backed Exercises

Nothing weighs on self-esteem worse than a big dream with little action. Let’s bring that era to a close! In this portion of our coaching, I will introduce you to:

  • Activities for increased creative thinking and creative problem solving
  • Measurable goals and goal accountability around your creative practice
  • Navigating multipotentiality and multiple interests in a job market seeking specialization/niches
  • Business basics (tools for websites, logos, branding, and marketing)

3. Realistic Plans For Continuous Learning

What if you had some techniques and tools in your pocket to help with stress, perfectionism, decision making, and performance? While working on my master’s degree, I came across bibliotherapy as a form of auto-psychotherapy. (Disclaimer - I am not a therapist. I am a teacher.) But I studied bibliotherapy for my master’s thesis and would love to help you connect it to your creative practice. 

This portion of the coaching includes:

  • An introduction to the four-stage process of using books for personal growth 
  • Tailored book recommendations for your specific creative struggles
  • Corresponding creative writing activities and journal prompts

Numerous people call themselves "coaches" - why listen to her?

Glad you asked.

As a certified talented and gifted teacher (TAG coach), helping young students on their creative path was a great passion of mine. Now I’ve decided to offer this service to creativity seekers of all ages. Having written and produced five albums myself, I honor the mysteries of the creative process. Yet I believe in a scientific approach. Most of all, the way I coach creates plenty of time for questions and discussions driven by your individual needs.

To learn more, book a free 15-minute session.

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