Artistic? Here’s 10 Personal Finance People For You

If you are artistic and seeking advice about personal finance or your creative business, there’s no shortage of people out there talking about money.  It’s insightful to realize some of them have the ability to speak directly to your needs while at the same time making it entertaining and useful.  

Many of the below people are legitimate experts with backgrounds in financial spheres.  Others are highly accomplished journalists who have navigated their own finances in an interesting or creative way while writing incredibly useful books and articles. 

I have been dunking my head in the online social media landscape of personal finance for almost a year now.  I probably should have taken time to Google “creativity and money” at a younger age. In short, these are content creators I wish I would have found in my early 20s as a self-employed musician. Of course, there are many other brands out there, but these are legit, have staying power, whittle down complex topics, and speak to a creative audience.

1. Kristin Wong

I respect her wit, realism, sense of humor, and unique approach to presenting useful information.  I first heard her name come up over and over again on OLD podcasts (where blogposts are read aloud). Then I checked out her podcast (with Dara Blaine) and her Youtube channel.  I've become a genuine fan.  Now I keep track of her content on a weekly basis.

Sample Content: Best Lessons from the Recovering Workaholics Podcast

2. Dumpster Doggy

With the best social media presence in finance (and an award to prove it), she always brightens my day when she bursts onto my feed to talk about investing.  Her eccentric 80s outfits are always a plus. Her passion for young creative women is unmistakable. Plus, she’s hilarious.

Sample Content: Your Financial Order of Operations

3. Shanna Compton Game

Millennial Money is one of the first podcasts I regularly started listening to about money because I could tell Shana loves music and art.  She interviews various bands and creative types while operating under the umbrella of boring old finance. It’s not often that I find a personal finance podcast interviewing musicians, so it drew my attention right away.

Sample Content: Music and Money Podcast Episodes

4. Chris Browning

While not specifically oriented towards artists, I’m recommending his podcast Popcorn Finance because it is concise and useful.  In addition, Chris has an actual background in finance. He doesn’t take himself too seriously while offering some seriously useful content for beginners.  If you only want to integrate one financial podcast into your life (that doesn’t take much time), this is it.

Sample Content: What I Learned by Living with Less Featuring Cait Flanders

5. Farnoosh Torabi  

So Money is an excellent podcast for beginners trying to get their finances in order.  Farnoosh's genuine kindness and concern for the world shows in the way she speaks consciously and informatively about each one of the financial subjects she tackles.  She never disappoints - whether presenting a show solo or interviewing one of the many fascinating guests she brings on.

Sample Content: An Interview With Seth Godin

6. What’s Up Next Podcast

This podcast is incredibly diverse, intelligent, and well-organized.  It addresses emotional subjects and psychology in a way that not many financial podcasts do.  The panels always consist of articulate, fascinating, and informed people with well-thought-out opinions around a central topic.

Sample Content: Creativity and Financial Independence

7. Sarah Li Cain

I love personal finance topics that are a little off-beat (such as those having to do with mental health, creativity, and the conundrums of self-promotion).  The guests on her podcast Beyond the Dollar are articulate and fascinating while tackling overlooked territories. (Her earlier episodes involved a co-host named Garrett who included brief commentary about music and the music industry.)

Sample Content: Using Creativity to Boost Your Income (With Grace Chon) - I love Grace's podcast too!

8. Paula Pant

Paula Pant helps people feel comfortable with themselves no matter what point they are at on their journey with their finances.  Check out her podcast Afford Anything.  I feel like I am improving as a person when I listen to her (this is the hallmark of a fantastic podcaster in my opinion). She brings on amazing guests and is always well-prepared to ask them stellar questions.  She balances telling her story with listening to others.  All the while her knowledge of real estate radiates.  If you are ready for advanced financial topics, she can lead you there.

Sample Content: Upgrade Your Thinking With Super-Thinking Authors Gabriel Weinber and Lauren McCann

9. The Fairer Cents (Kara Perez and Tanja Hester)

Wisdom, respect, curiosity, and wit are only some of the adjectives that make The Fairer Cents one of my favorite brands.  The dialogue between Kara (from Bravely) and Tanja (from Our Next Life) is so incredibly intelligent, I always leave thinking for hours about what I've heard.  They tackle topics that stick while balancing the intensity of their mission with humor and grace. I feel in touch with a side of myself I never want to forget when I listen to them. They are making the broader world and the world of finance a better place. 

Sample Content: Achieving Creative Dreams

10. What Works Podcast

I was first drawn to this podcast because I love the idea of overriding guru-culture. It’s obvious Tara McMullin embodies the philosophy she spreads. Most successful business owners are on a journey of ups and downs. Getting to witness these highs and lows (along with honest conversations about what works and what doesn’t with money) is useful for small business owners across all industries and platforms. The guests are well-chosen and the conversations are focused in a relevant manner.

Sample Content:  Leveraging Your Special Sauce With Speaking Your Brand Founder Carol Cox

Final Thoughts

Sorting out financial experts to speak to your specific creative needs can be quite the task.  If you are in the arts, you probably have plenty of other projects you’d rather tackle. But remember - business and finance can be entertaining if you find the right presenters. 

You can trust the content from the above people will help you learn the basics while moving you through a broader picture of lifestyle design.  In this way, you can hopefully put financial concerns behind you, develop efficient financial systems, and bring your creativity into focus at the front and center of your life.

Below are some other brands to investigate if you enjoy this topic. These content creators are either new on the scene, I’m just beginning to know their content, or they mention creativity and money in a useful way occasionally.

Hey There Freelancer

Financial Diet

Kassandra Dasent

21st Century Creative Podcast

Can you help me grow this list?  Please leave a comment below to recommend content creators tackling the intersection between creativity and business.