Is this a music site or a personal finance blog?


This site functions as both.  If you enjoy our music but are not interested in personal finance for artists, simply don't look at the blog.  If you enjoy our odd accumulation of knowledge but don't like our music, don't look at the rest of the tabs. Problem solved!

What does it mean to be semi-anonymous bloggers?

We don't use our last names as we collaborate with people around the world. (That being said, you will see pictures without emojis over our faces). We understand not everyone has the same narrow interests as us.  We don't expect local people to support us online if they don't feel like it.  (However, we think it's cool when they do.)  In short, we use social media to connect with others who share similar passions.

If you both like your careers, why create a small-business blog?

Anything can happen.  The modern world of work can be unstable.  In addition, we love our small town and never want to move for career reasons.  We want to be financially prepared, diversify our income streams, and keep our minds clear for creativity.

Who writes the songs?

Michelle writes the melodies, words, and guitar parts.  She usually "talks" her way through this process with Adam.  He serves as an editor, producer, backup researcher, and general sounding board.

There are so many fascinating true stories in the world.  It keeps life entertaining to dig for them.  Adam adds bass and... voila!

Why do you have a focus on history?  Is Michelle a history teacher?

Michelle doesn't teach history (although she highly considered it).  She teaches specialized reading.

She writes songs from the perspective of overlooked historical characters because it is fun, insightful, and interesting.  This method causes her to research information and random facts, resulting in stories to offer others (a different approach than her first five albums.)  Mainly, she likes providing an educational opportunity for herself and her listeners.

I remember hearing about a musician named Michelle Lynn.  Where did she go?

All we can say is don't Google that name online.

I remember hearing about a band named Rearview Mirror.  Where did they go?

Adam doesn't like singing the thoughts of his teenage years, so that's part of it.  They grew up and changed a lot.

What is bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy takes place when books are used to assist someone's psychological development.  (It is probably a haphazard process you do already if you like to read a lot.)  It can be done better, however, by narrowing in on a specific four-stage process involving identification, insight, catharsis, and universal insights - all aided by follow up activities throughout and after reading a carefully chosen text.  Michelle enjoys this process so much she studied it for her master's thesis and now writes songs using it.

It seems like you have a hodgepodge of interests.  What is your niche?

We are biblio-singing-hammer-swinging-dog-walking-fools who like tracking our coin.

Can I hire Savvy History?

Yes.  Check out this page.

Can I support Savvy History?

Yes.  Please subscribe to the blog below and follow us on social media @savvyhistory.