2020 Blog Highlights

While life feels up in the air and unpredictable right now, Savvy History has had a decent year full of writing and online connections.

As many readers know, this is the second year of the blog and any growth is brought about through about an hour of work a day.

Sometimes this is in the form of writing and research, and sometimes just clicking around on social media and browsing what is out there in the broader world beyond these four walls.

Bye Bye 2020!

As for 2020, it was a chaotic twelve months of remodeling the upstairs amongst work uncertainty, scrunchy baby faces, odd sleeping habits, and general isolation. Hopefully, 2021 can usher in some routine and predictability for all of us.  

Some of my favorite articles written this year were noticed by others with influence. Therefore, they were passed around the net. Other articles? Well, they kind of died after I wrote them. But regardless - here are some of the favorites.

From the First Creative Dollar Series:

Louisa May Alcott’s First Creative Dollar

Linda Sue Park’s First Creative Dollar

George Orwell’s First Creative Dollar

Rachel Carson’s First Creative Dollar

Frederick Douglass’ First Creative Dollar


In the business of writing and otherwise, I have heard when something is working for you, it is wise to double down on it. This series is enjoyable to write. At the same time, others around the net are enthusiastic about it. I’ve had many people I look up to compliment it, take note of it, and look forward to it.

I find “the first creative dollar” to be a great angle for exploring the financial lives (and difficult lifestyle decisions) made by many of my favorite creators and thinkers of the past. In addition, I like interviewing modern people from this perspective.

I’m passionate about small creative businesses. I hope to expand this series, interview local people, and make the topic of creativity and money fun, non-threatening, informative for all ages, and a source of connection for people. 

Here are some other articles high-lighting diverse topics related to reading, history, inventions, and creativity.

Simultaneous Discoveries in History: Would You Be Irate if Someone Acted on Your Idea?

Bibliotherapy: Popular Song Lyrics For Stamina

Are Your 30s a Good Decade For Creativity? What Research Says

Doing Business As… 20 People Who Changed Their Names

That Time I Worked Ahead (But it Didn’t Matter Because The World Shut Down)

10 Things Worth Being Obsessed About During a Lockdown


Looking back, the year went very quickly - and somehow slowly - in a COVID time warp. It’s absolutely surreal to imagine life a year ago and how simple it was. Things became complicated very quickly in March. I spent most of my time afterward chasing a toddler while extremely pregnant. 

While dazing off dreamily during many of our beautiful walks in the driftless region, the above writing creations came into being.

I’m excited to see what the next year brings. I have a lot to sort through, and I look forward to taking you along for the ride. As always, thanks for reading. Best wishes in 2021. 

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  1. Lots of great articles this year, Michelle. Particularly while you had quite a bit going on. Here’s to a more measured, less frenetic and happy 2021 for all of us!

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