10 Creativity Podcasts Tackling Business and Psychology

Podcasts are a go-to necessity for aiding growth each day, especially when life becomes busy, and you still want to learn along the way.

I’m certainly in a creative season that is all about listening to others and learning from them (versus diving into my own deep work).

While I may not have much time to work on my own business for a few months, life is never too full to gather ideas or hear stories from others during brief cracks in the day. 

While this blogpost is relatively short, in actuality, it took me a long time to write. Listening to podcasts obsessively has left me with several experts to choose from in the blended categories of creativity, business, and psychology. 

The podcasts listed below have great potential for being interesting if you enjoy what happens on this blog. They are podcasts I have devoted significant amounts of time to (listening to 10 or more episodes). I hope some of them can assist you when you are taking breaks from your projects!

Top 5 Podcasts in Rotation

  1. The Unmistakable Creative

  2. The Accidental Creative

  3. Creative Rebels

  4. Creative Pep Talk

  5. Art Curious

Top 5 With No New Episodes in Awhile

  1. 21st Century Creative

  2. The Creative Empire Podcast

  3. Creative Queso Podcast

  4. Creative Processing

  5. Creativity School

Here’s another article I came across featuring several creativity podcasts I haven’t checked out yet.

Many of them seem interesting. The rabbit hole is certainly endless. Don't forget to listen to music too:)

Are you a podcast listener? Do you have some favorites related to creativity, business, and psychology? Feel free to add to this list!


6 Replies to “10 Creativity Podcasts Tackling Business and Psychology”

  1. I’m not a podcast dude at all. I’m not sure why. I enjoy listening to music. However, I cannot do audiobooks. Everyone continuously tells me I’m missing out, so let me know which of the ones you’ve suggested above you think is the best (or a good place to start) and I’ll give this podcast thing another go.

    1. So hard to choose! I think The Unmistakable Creative is a pretty good recommendation knowing what I know about your personality. It’s very original but yet practical and helpful at the same time. I listen to interviews with people I don’t even know and I’m still entertained and learn something. Creative Processing has some famous people if you’re looking for that. Good luck! I’m a walker so that’s how I’ve gotten into podcasts…

  2. i’m not a podcast listener. i’m a relic. i really don’t do youtube for much entertainment either, although every now and then i’ll need it to listen to some song. but the homemade amateur stuff ain’t my cup of tea. i feel like i should be outside now yelling for people to get off my lawn!

    1. You are not alone. I didn’t start listening until around 2016 or so (when I got an iPhone for the first time)! A lot of these are not amateur sounding at all. When I find those (where people think their random bantering is interesting) I’m bored as heck. It has to be organized well and have a central theme/topic.

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